How to find true love during a pandemic

“I have been dreaming of a true love’s kiss” are the words originally taken from a Disney movie song. Still, we crave compassion, affection, and utmost love from the person we can call ours. Sadly, after the outbreak of COVID-19, every aspect of our life got flipped 360 degrees. Out of everything else, one thing that got affected the most was relationships. Many of us found new ones while a huge population said goodbye to the people with whom they envisioned their life forever.

Just as they say, a new day brings out new opportunities. It is time for us to dig deep into tip sand trick to find true love during the pandemic. The following tips are assembled by renowned relationship experts just so you can have a happy and healthy relationship during these devastating circumstances.

Through mate selection
One should be wise about their choices when it comes to mating. This is not only applicable to animals but to humans too. Do not go for flings or people who are not compatible with you. If you want seriousness, you must choose the person who gives you mental, physical, and emotional support whenever you need it.

Looks are not out of the picture.
Exotic love might sound appealing, but you must choose a partner who looks good too. Ensure that they dress well and know the right form of self-grooming that makes them look good. Now, many of us might debate that loves comes from heart to heart, but it is our natural instinct to attract the opposite gender in my point of view. For this, a bit of self-grooming does not hurt anyone.

Have an honest communication
Communication is key to a successful relationship. Talk to the partner about your preferences, dislikes, and insecurities openly without the fear of being judged. You should really be truthful about yourself as it’s a moral obligation. This way, your partner will know both the good side and bad side of you, thus making it easier for them to accept you as you are. It is also important that you accept the other person’s flaws, too, as no one is a perfect package, and we all carry some from the past.

Know your boundaries and define them properly!
Whether it’s a pandemic exotic love or a regular dating spree, you must define boundaries in life with your partner. If you are not comfortable with being too intimate too soon, tell your partner to be patient and accepting. Suppose they do not respect your privacy or decisions. In that case, it is a big sign that you might not be in an honest and loving relationship.

Switch to online dating for a while
It is important to communicate through online mediums for a while until you take dating offline. For added security, you must know a bit more about the person online before going on a first date with them. It is essential that you do not show harsh behavior or get unreasonable with the other person during your time online. Tell them about yourself and get to know them better. Video calling is also a good way to read body language and understanding a person better.

Have a keen eye for red flags
Often, we want a relationship to work so badly that we start ignoring the red flags. Later, the same red flags become the root of a nasty breakup. It is highly recommended that you maintain a closer look at the red flags. If their habits are unbearable, talk to them. If you think the issues are unresolvable, then call it a quit and be done with them.

Some cheesiness won’t hurt anyone
Although not all of us are good at being cheesy or know perfect pick-up lines, it is still important to try. This way, we can show the other person that we truly care about them, and we are also ready to make changes in our life for them.

Be a good planner and give presents
Know the likes and dislikes of your companion and be keen on presenting them with a token of love. Little gifts here there will increase the bonding between you and show a generous side to your partner.

Here we have discussed some tips that you must follow if you want to find true love during a pandemic. The current covid situation has made some of us emotional wrecks and very insecure in our own skin. With right steps, any one can find true love and stay in a happy and committed relationship for a longer span of time. however, it is important to analyze the red flag during the acquaintanceship period so that you can save your heart from breaking later on in relationship.

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