How to achieve a good impression on the first date

You are finally about to start your first date. Your belly is full of butterflies, and you are anxious. It is normal to be concerned about making a good impression on the first date. You need not worry has got you covered.

The first date is essential for forming a positive and lasting first impression. After all, introducing yourself confidently and in a good way is the first step in starting a new relationship. The tips highlighted below will help you get the best out of your first date.

Do Your Research

A date is usually a casual affair, but it’s not advisable to go without knowing more than a screen name and face. It’s proper to look up your date so that you can understand what you have in common to get a conversation going. It is equally important that you let your date know that you did.

If you met through, you could have access to your date’s profile. With the private chat function of the site, the foundation for your first date is already set, and you can start getting to know each other even before meeting face to face.

Work On Your Appearance

Pay attention to your basic hygiene needs. The first detail your date will observe about you is your appearance so put some effort into it. Hence, take a shower, get your hair clean and well brushed or styled, and don’t forget to clean your mouth for a fresh breath.

Next is your outfit. Choose one that has some bright colors, compliments you, and is appropriate for where you are going with your date. Whether casual or a bit formal, your choice of clothing should be comfortable so that you can enjoy your outing.

One more thing, go easy on deodorant so that it will not be overwhelming. Try to be subtle. Your goal should be to be neat and attractive. Believe that every part of your appearance will be noticed.

Choose a good location

If you desire to make a good impression, it can help plan your day with a bit of creativity. A good setting has a reasonably low noise level to allow a smooth flow of conversation.

You can spice up your date by choosing a location outside the typical first-date places. Why not try something different and fun like visiting a museum, a sporting event, movies, or other recreational areas that are open to the public.

The bottom line is that the setting of your first date should be conducive to getting to know the other person in a relaxed mood.

Arrive on time.

Punctuality on the first date gives the impression that you are reliable and shows you are serious about the date. It also allows you to be comfortable, poised, and mentally prepared for the date. If possible, arrive a little early.

Try calling your date to confirm whether to meet at a location or you are picking them up.

Mind your manners and body language

Pay attention to your body language. Your body language is open when you maintain a friendly smile, don’t slouch, and maintain eye contact. Even if you are nervous, keep smiling and act natural.

In addition, be polite (and not only to your date) and practice good table manners.

Keep the conversation going and stick to safe topics

The fact is that when two people are attracted to each other, conversations can be initially awkward. Still, that should not prevent you from making an excellent first impression.

Keep in mind that it’s a date, not a job interview so avoid asking questions that might put them on the spot. Learn something you both have in common to talk about. Your sense of humor is also an asset on the first date, tease, flirt, but steer clear of bad jokes or cheap pick-up lines.

Avoid monopolizing the discussions and be a good listener. Also, your first date is not a good time to debate controversial issues, so stick with safe topics. More importantly, talking non-stop or badmouthing your ex is a big no-no. It indicates you still have feelings and unresolved issues with them.

Keep away your cell phone

As much as you can, keep your phone away and focus on your date. If possible, put your phone on silent mode and postpone responding to emails or messages till later.

It might be tempting to fill out awkward silences during your date by using your phone. Instead, you can ask if your date is enjoying the outing. Another good icebreaker is asking about their hobbies.

Be yourself

Though dating can be a tricky business sometimes, being yourself can be very helpful. You should accept that you are awesome just the way you are, especially if you start to feel awkward.

Act as if to be what you are not can be risky. It can cause you to make up lies about yourself so that you can seem more attractive to your date. Don’t be too anxious about whether you are competent or appealing enough to someone you are meeting for the first time.

Finally, let your date know you’ve enjoyed the outing and would love a second date. Who knows, with the good impression you’ve made, you could be on your way to forming a lasting relationship.

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