Often we hear people talk about the in-love experience. When they do, they usually refer to a tender feeling of affection, a strong desire to care, protect and nurture someone among others.

The in-love experience is commonly talked about when both parties are getting familiar with each other. You feel your heart race when you are with your partner, they whisper sweet nothings into your ears, leave love letters around the house… This stage in a relationship is what we’d like to call the blooming stage.

The question is: “If love is just a feeling, how do you know if what you feel is true love?”

True love for us at Exotic Meetup means unconditional love. Before you decide whether your date or partner is your true love, ensure you take the EXOTIC MEETUP test of true love.

Here are five tests your relationship should take.

    Exotic Meetup helps you find a perfect match while you make an effort to get to know them. True love is about two people getting to know each other.
    Does your partner make an effort to know you? Does your partner know what you like/hate, are they curious about what you want to achieve in life, your short term and long term goals …
    Knowing your partner your commitment towards the person. However, if the person’s commitment doesn’t reach the barest minimum, then it is a warning sign you should take note of.
    Pressure brings out certain unbelievable traits in people. You need to know if your partner is like a volcanic eruption when pressured or if they remain calm. This will help you in preparing for the future because true love is all about loving your partner unconditionally.
    People quickly conclude they are destined to be with one another. This is usually when the relationship is going smoothly. The older a relationship gets, the more you know your partner intimately. Some persons fall out of love because their partners turn out to be who they didn’t expect. At Exotic Meetup, we believe companionship is the bedrock of a relationship. Is your partner willing to spend time with you despite his/her busy schedule? Then, you should know they truly love you. People only nurture what they love.
    True love is always patient and not judgmental. Trying to change someone in a relationship won’t work. True love understands your flaws and is patient. One rule to verifying if your partner is your true love is accepting them for who they are. It is common to hear people complain about certain personality traits and habits of their partners. Rather than expecting your partner to behave in a certain way, accept them for who they are.
    Forgiveness is an attribute of love. If you don’t know how to forgive, then you won’t know how to love unconditionally. Certainly, you’d get hurt by some intentional or unintentional actions of your partner. How willing will you be to forgive and let go?

These are Exotic Meetup Test of True love for your relationship.
Don’t hesitate to question your love.

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